Bizunit 4.0 vs Bizunit 3.1 with respect to SSIS

Jun 17, 2013 at 11:54 AM
In my SSIS 2008 project using Bizunit for the Testing. But am not able to integrate my SSIS 2008 project with Bizunit 4.0. Becuase Bizunit 4.0 using the .net framework 4.0, but VS 2008 using the .net framework 3.5.

Q1)Is it possible to integrate Bizunit 4.0 with VS 2008 SSIS project?

Q2)If am using Bizunit 3.1 for Testing with SSIS project, Is there any specific dll for SSIS similar to BizUnit.TestSteps.Ssis.dll in Bizunit 4.0 for executing the SSIS package using Bizunit 3.1?