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DbQueryStep does not execute substeps?

Having had a cursory look at the code, it seems that DbQueryStep does not execute its SubSteps - is this right? FileReadMultipleStep specifically calls Execute for each of its SubSteps...

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BizUnit Assembly Path are correct type: Microsoft.Services.BizTalkApplicationFramework.BizUnit.FileCreateStep,FileCreateStep

I am trying to create bizunit using as below config file <TestCase testName="2"> <TestSetup> <TestStep assemblyPath="" typeName="Microsoft.Services.BizTalkApplicationFramework.BizUnit.FileDel...

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Source code is not available

Is there a possibility do download source code?

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Always going in timeout error when Master /Slave message box used for checking the performance counter value in BizUnit

Hi , I am using BizUnit 3.1 for Biztalk server 2009 and trying to automate the performance testing with LoadGen . As per the msdn link

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Access denied for dropping a file to a location

I am administrator on the box and have got all the permissions to drop a particular file to a file drop location through the bizunit code. testStep.CreationPath = flowDetails.FileDropLocation ... ...

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XamlObjectWriterException when a saved testcase xaml file is loaded and executed

Hi, I have a working Testcase written in C#. The TestCase starts with cleaning up a couple of directories, using a DeleteStep, which works fine in C# code. When I save the TestCase to an xaml file,...

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Support for BizTalk 2013

Hi Kevin, I've tried to use BizUnit together on BizTalk 2013, and I tried to migrate the sourcecode. I think it will take a lot of effort to complete this, the Mapping steps needs to be rewritten ...

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The BizUnit.TestSteps.File.ExistsStep does not honor the TimeOut value

The Execute method will throw an exception even if the timeout has not been reached

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Validate a message from MSMQ test step

i have a scenario where i need to validate a message from MSMQ the message is an xml one and i need to validate against a schema and aswell against a xpath.. the xpath one is always returning all t...

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Validation Steps Missing

There are some validation steps which are deprecated in 4.0 but very essential like Regex,binary validator

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