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Always going in timeout error when Master /Slave message box used for checking the performance counter value in BizUnit


Hi ,

I am using BizUnit 3.1 for Biztalk server 2009 and trying to automate the performance testing with LoadGen .

As per the msdn link i configured all the steps but my test always fails at the second last step :

<TestStep assemblyPath="" typeName="BizUnit.PerfMonCounterMonitorStep">
     <CategoryName>BizTalk:Message Box:Host Counters</CategoryName>
     <CounterName>Host Queue - Length</CounterName>

The BizTalk message box is configured as 1 master 2 slaves so in the instance name i have given master message box name but it is always going into the timeout error . The whole execution takes only 3 mins of time but if i want to check the Host Queue length then it fails with time out error after 2 hours , even if set the timeout parameter to 5 mins ,it stops only after 2 hours with same timeout error at this step .

Is the issue with the master/slave configuration or something else ?Would appreciate any help in this issue.