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by rdeveen
Jul 21, 2014
1:28 PM

Being evaluated

Refactoring of the legacy BizUnit.CoreSteps.ValidationSteps.BinaryValidationStep to the new BizUnit.TestSteps.ValidationSteps.


by fkuiper
Sep 27, 2011
9:47 AM

Being evaluated

If excuting a non query (like "delete * from [table]") and you set NumberOfRowsExpected = 0. The step will raise an Exception: "System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Cannot find table 0.".
In this fix I've put the test "NumberOfRowsExpected == 0" infront of any other test so this exception will not be raised when NumberOfRowsExpected is set to 0.


by Arindrajit
Oct 30, 2008
3:48 PM

Being evaluated

Added support for multiple machine in EventLogCheckStep. This is very useful in a clustered or test covering more than one machine. Simply pass machine name in comma separated string like "machine1,machine2,machine3".


by Data
May 4, 2008
7:34 AM

Being evaluated

This Patch contains the following providers:

* StopBtsSendPortStep
* CreateBtsSendPortStep
* StartBtsSendGroupStep
* StartBtsReceiveLocationStep
* StartBtsSendPortStep
* StopBtsReceiveLocationStep
* StopBtsSendGroupStep



by JohnBundred
Jul 9, 2007
4:17 PM

Being evaluated

New web service step and updated xml validation step as requested by Kevin.

New SoapXmlHttpRequestResponseStep - Allows sending of complete soap request envelopes and receiving of complete soap response envelopes. Does not perform any codegen of proxies from schemas which a) overcomes the crash that occurs with included xsd files (i.e. all BizTalk WSE adapter generated web service schemas), b) sends exactly the data in the test case data file rather then the message generated by the proxy, c) provides full control over the request envelope which allows sending of invalid messages scenarios and custom soap header value scenarios, d) allows validation of any part of the soap response envelope. This test step is provided by my colleague Armando Fagundes.

Updated XmlValidationStep - Based on the namespaces in the message to be validated sets up a XmlNamespaceManager. Namespaces with aliases are added with the alias name, e.g. xmlns:soap="" adds the namespace "" with the alias "soap". Default namespaces are added using the element name they belong to, e.g. <MyElement xmlns=""> adds the namespace "" with an alias of MyElement. This allows much simpler xpath declarations to the used in the validation step rather than the BizTalk style xpaths

e.g. <XPathValidation query="/soap:Envelope/soap:Body/soap:Fault/faultstring">An exception occured</XPathValidation>,

or in the case of an element with a default namespace
<XPathValidation query="/soap:Envelope/soap:Body/MyElement:MyElement/Amount">999</XPathValidation>.

Hopefully business users rather than developers can then define and code the test scenarios.


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