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Released: Dec 11, 2007
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Release Notes

BizUnit v2.3

This release contains the following changes:
  • Framework fix: Test steps where runConcurrently="true" were getting a new context object, instead they should get a reference to cloned version of the current context at the point of starting the test step. Any step may update the ctx object for the test case
  • Context object is now thread safe, this is support sharing across test steps when runConcurrently="true"
  • Context object maybe created and values set on it prior to the execution of a BizUnit test case
  • Context object has two values populated at the start of test execution, BizUnitTestCaseName which contains the name of the current test case being executed and BizUnitTestCaseStartTime which contains the time the current test case started
  • Ability to flow an existing BizUnit Context object to a test case (i.e. a number of over-loader constructors which take a Context object and a property to get the Context object).
  • Miscellaneous - cleaning up of the source code through out the code base
    • addition of argument validation
  • Build process - cleanup and improvements to drive up quality
    • additional end to end tests added
    • unit tests added to the build process which test the steps in isolation of each other (these are not currently in the installation media).
  • HostConductorStep - bug fixes
    • added credentials configuration
    • plus misc minor cleanup
    • supports a comma delimeted list of servers
  • DotNetObjectInvokerStep - bug fixes
    • return paramter was not being treated as optional
    • minor doc bugs
    • the ability to fetch paramters from the context has been added
  • SOAPHTTPRequestResponseStep - various bugs fixed, (thanks to Wouter Crooy for identifying them).
    • defNamespace can be null, this wasn't handled previously
    • added ability to invoke web services which don't take arguments
    • both request and response payload is now logged
    • added ability to invoke a ContextLoaderStep
  • Documentation - switched the documentation to SandCastle
    • note, there appears to be some issues formatting some of the Xml snippets, I'm in the process of ironing that out
  • XmlContextLoaderStep - minor bug fix
  • Windows Vista - this release has been tested on Vista
  • EventLogSaveStep - bug fixes
    • fixed bug to enable remote event logs to be saved
    • supports a comma delimeted list of servers
  • BAMDeploymentStep - now accepts DelayForCompletion=-1 to ensure the step waits for the bm.exe process to exit
  • WaitOnFileStep - the name of the file that was waited on is stored in the ctx under waitedForFileName
  • PerfmonCountersStep - now takes an optional username and password, this is the account under which logman is executed

As always, any issues let me know. BizUnit version 3.0 is well under way with some quite large changes to make it significantly easier to generate test cases, more on that soon!

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