Jan 5, 2010 at 1:56 PM

Hi I receive some errors trying to get the SampleSolutionFunctionalTests project to work.

The problem is somewhere in the Test_02_Orchestration2 test. I use BuzUnit version  3.1.

When the runConcurrently="true"  the FileCreateStep fails with the code:

Error: Exception caught!
System.ApplicationException: This instance is not a concurrent test step!
   at BizUnit.Logger.LogBufferedText(ILogger logger)
   at BizUnit.BizUnit.FlushConcurrentQueue(Boolean waitingToFinish, TestStage stage)
   at BizUnit.BizUnit.ExecuteSteps(XmlNodeList steps, TestStage stage)
   at BizUnit.BizUnit.Execute()

when I set the runConcurrently=false, disable the FileCreateStep and paste the file "InDoc1.xml" manual in the folder "Rec_03", the test succeeds.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance