Basic questions

Nov 15, 2008 at 12:20 PM
I'm currently evaluating if BizUnit is useful in our test department to perform automatic tests
for compliance tests against specified system functionalities (the system has nothing to do with

I have some basic questions about BizUnit:

1. Do I really have to use NUnit (or whatever executable) to drive the tests described with my XML test cases?

What I would expect is a kind of "Test Runner" which reads the list of test cases (Test Suites) from an XML
file and executes test cases listed in the test suite.

2. Does there exist a XML schema for TestCase?

I did not find any documentation about the XML schema used for TestCase. Which makes it hard to understand
the whole concept. Questions like "what is assemblyPath good for? In the examples it is always empty".

3. Is there a way to perform following types of validation in a TestCase?

- boolean operations (or, and,  not) on validations
- comparision operations against integer values (<, <=, =, !=, >=, >)
- bit operations on integer values:
- set bit X of integer Y
- is bit X of integer value Y (not) set?

Maybe they are not implemented but could someone provide me with a wough draft how I could write such

Dec 13, 2008 at 1:23 PM

(1) Yes. You do have to use a harness like NUnit or MSTest to drive BizUnit. There is no standalone test executor yet.

(2) There isnt a separate schema available for download. One thing which limits the usefulness of a schema in some ways is that all TestCases start with "TestStep" as the common root element so there's not much strict schema validation etc that can be done on the Xml. However, I have played around with renaming the node to match the step, for  example "DatabaseTestStep" and this appeared to work fine the last time i tested it out (a while back). I'll give that a spin again and if it continues to work (no real reason why it shouldnt)  then I'll share a schema for BU.

In response to assemblyPath question: that is useful if the BizUnit or BizUnitExtensions assembly is not in the GAC or in the immediate probing area.

(3) What kind of scenarios are you looking at for these validations? In theory , there is no reason why such checks cannot be implemented, but remember, each Test Step does a specific kind of operation/process so, in the steps available so far, i see no reason for the checks you mention. But a custom step can implement such checks. if you send some more info here I will try to help.