Project status

Aug 2, 2012 at 7:55 PM

Dear Kevin,

I was wondering what the status of this project is, looking at recent activity this project looks barely alive. The last release (4.0) is over a year old and contains a lot of steps that still need to be ported from the 3.0 version. Some comments below suggest work is still in progress, however the last signs of this are almost a year old (see:

I personally submitted a patch September 2011 which - almost a year later - is still being evaluated and mine is not the only one... some patches are over 4 years in evaluation. If patches can't be used reject them, or if they are useful accept them. Leaving them for years without even a comment makes me wonder if contributions from the community are appreciated at all.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the time and effort that went in this project and I think this framework has all the potential of being a great thing! In fact we are actively investigating this framework as a serious candidate for all our automated distributed system testing in our company. It would be very helpful to know if we can expect updates or new versions in the (near) future or that we should consider this project as-is and build our own framework (which may get a flying start when we take the source code instead of starting from scratch).

Hope to hear from you!

Kind regards